Gullsmed M. Ostad – Clock Service | Traditional Goldsmith with workshop

Gullsmed M. Ostad is Traditional Goldsmith with workshop. We provide Simple clock services and engraving on site. Gullsmed M. Ostad provide best clock and jewellery with new goods and new life. We provide top class brands and high quality goods at affordable price. Our store is known as traditional jeweller shop in Norway. We deliver top class branded jewellery, which feel you like amazing and change you personality. Our store is essentially a traditional jeweller shop with everything that belongs to, but with features of today’s interior trends. We focus is on quality and knowledge around the subject and jeweller is always present. Monica Ostad, is well knowledge about clock and jewellery. Here we can repairing, regulating or making something new you product. Our team can renovate you product in traditional. We perform all services related to the jewellery and we deliver jewellery effectively in order to be sure of what is being done. Our services –
  • Workshop
  • Battery change and service
  • engraving
  • Expertise
Here, you will get Interior, gifts, jewellery in gold and silver, as well as silverware and bunad silver. Our shop basically popular for Traditional Goldsmith. Recently we launched our online website “” for our customers. Onlive Server Help to hosting our website, which is leading brand in server hosting industry. It is provide Cheap Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting in France, Germany, UK and Japan. Germany Dedicated Server has best hosting plans at affordable price. Gullsmed M. Ostad perform battery change on your watch as well as simple repairs. We engrave everything from silverware, gold hearts, to barrels and cups and silver-plating. If you want repair, cleaning methods, valuation or anything else – visit or call us and we will help you as well.